Structiv is the sole UK agent for Redfort Architectural Fabrics: Lace Fence and Dedots

Structiv is a specialist in structural creativity, providing consultancy to architects and designers in new uses of proven materials , unique architectural design solutions, high end interior design, furniture and image creating and replicating design.


We are pleased to work with some of the best designers in Europe who have a strong heritage when it comes to creating and designing new products. Our partnership with Redfort Architectural Fabrics from Joep Verhoeven of Demakersvan supports our ethos that there are no boundaries in design and what you can use to create beautiful pieces whether that is for the exterior or interior of a building, a hotel, a business, a home or a garden; the uses are limitless. Our aim is to open new creative design opportunities where you can follow your ideas and fashion long lasting structures or pieces that represent this.

Whether you are an architect, creative designer, landscape designer or just want to make a unique statement for your business, home or garden we will work in collaboration with you to provide that individual touch.

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